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  • What is the cost of your Wikipedia visibility services?
    Navigating the notoriously complex rules of Wikipedia requires extensive expertise. We only accept assignments which meet Wikipedia Notability criteria and our billing rates range from $95/h to $175/h, depending on complexity of the task. Whereas a few hours of work suffice for creating a short profile based on a few sources, larger assignments involve multiple profiles in multiple languages, based on numerous sources and may add up to hundreds of hours of work.
  • Are there subjects not admissible to Wikipedia?
    Yes, and they are best summed up in another of the five Wikipedia Pillars: “Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia. It incorporates elements of general and specialized encyclopedias, almanacs, and gazetteers. Wikipedia is not a soapbox, an advertising platform, a vanity press, an experiment in anarchy or democracy, an indiscriminate collection of information, or a web directory. It is not a dictionary, newspaper, or a collection of source documents.”
  • Do you offer money-back guarantee?
    Yes. All fees paid by the client will be reimbursed if the Wikipedia page posted or edited by WikiMakers is deleted within 30 days after completion of work. This guarantee doesn’t cover alterations which do not affect majority of the page, deletion debates or tags that do not result in deletion, or erroneous deletions subsequently reversed.
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